A Mobile-First World – Adobe Digital Insights Report

mobile first world report - adobe digital insights

“A Mobile-First World,”  is a new report from Adobe Digital Insights (ADI)  comes out with numbers  that tell a consistent story ( as other reports show) of a smartphone-led, connected way of life in which always-on is given for both consumers and businesses.

Here are some highlights from the report :

Speed is the driver to conversion

5G could bring US retailers upto $12B/year by 2021.

5G would be having a great impact on the e-commerce, especially given the relationship between conversion and connection speed or page load times. According to Google, 53% of mobile users abandon sites that take longer than three seconds to load.

Revenue lift that 5G would bring

It’s an India growth story

The biggest growth in mobile users is coming from India, where the smartphone population increased by 211 million since January 2015. China came in at a close second, with 169 million new smartphone users.

india mobile users growth

In India, majority population is  only now going digital, and the smartphone is their first internet-connected device for them. Unlike say US, where its still desktop focussed and only 39% of traffic coming from smartphone.

desktop vs smartphone usage india and US

Smartphone are becoming more valuable

Overall, online visits to U.S. websites have been flat for the past three years, ADI found. And, given that a whopping 76.2% of the U.S. population was already connected to the internet as of 2016, getting new users is not the solution. The companies have to fight for the same pool of consumers. So they need to embrace the shift to smartphone to stay relevant and be competitive.




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