Dollars for new customers? When is right time to add paid media to your sales funnel?

Some time back I was on a video chat with an startup SaaS founder discussing his sales funnels. Most of his conversions were coming through organic traffic and he had recently got funding and things were looking up. Thats when he asked me the BIG question – When is the right time to pay $$ for start getting new customer?

This may sound simple enough question, but lots of marketers mess up on the timing. Too early you may waste your ad budgets, too late you may see a competitor come up and grab the market. And considering a startup, they don’t have money. Most of them therefore rely on free channels to get the wheel going. However, at one point, free channels show their limit and thats when they start looking at boosting sales through paid advertising.

What I tell every b2b marketer is that if you take the route of paid advertising before you have a market fit product and an offer that is working, it will be difficult for for paid media to give you the ROI that you are expecting.

Without this you will have a message-to-market mismatch leading to dropped efficiency of your ads, which would give your a low CTR & a very high CPA. The customers that you may acquire, would leave fast and may end up giving bad reviews leading to all the budget being wasted.

So the “right time” to get into paid marketing is when you have:

– When you see your organic traffic converting into customers
– an offer that helps conversion
– satisfied customers that are willing to recommend your product

If all the above 3 points get checked, time to get those ads into action!



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